Euro crisis vs European Defence

Euro crisis has been at the top of the agenda for several months. Simultaneously, European Defence vanished and completely failed some years ago. Therefore ESDP was totally absent from the scene when France and the UK decided to wage war against Libya. Is it definitely passed away? I persist saying no, definitely no. Until today no crisis has been severe enough to force our countries to hand over symbols of their sovereignty, as they were still thinking they could play war by themselves. Although the countries taking part to the air campaign against Gaddafi claimed supporting democracy and freedom, I would be that optimistic on the effectiveness of this military operation: 

-The military results, are not to be regarded as a triumph: 6 months of campaign against a small country which has been banned from arms market for years and which cities are scattered along the seashore, make it rather easier and shows that we had neither a military, nor a political way for stronger support of the rebels and reach the point more quickly. 

-As well, I would not dare stating that Libya is going towards democracy, at least as of today. 

-The public deficits of both the UK and France do not permit them to pay for the stabilization and reconstruction of Libya until the new government can export enough oil to pay back. However the largest European countries have been competing until now for leadership. 

This race has its origin in a lack of clear direction for the EU. Now, thanks the latest summit, we've got one: Germany. Volens Nolens, they have taken over, and I doubt that any country of the Eurozone, including France, will dare taking any initiative without referring first to the German government... 

For sure, Europe is not a federation. Nevertheless, it has now a leader, and probably, this will be the trigger for ESDP, Germany being the only major European country having definitely renounced to solitary wars.

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