Iranian Military Capabilities: intoxication as a way of life

For many years, Iran has been depicted as a major threat against its neighbours, Israel, and the rest of the world. Undoubtedly this country can inflict severe damages via its subsidiaries, as the Hezbollah in Lebanon. As well, this country is certainly able to launch some ballistic missiles or pay for terrorist movements.

However nobody could reasonably think that they are able of producing any high-tech armament, despite all their claims. As a consequence, their capability to destabilize the region should not be overestimated, or more precisely be wrongly assessed. Iran as an asymmetric threat: of course. Iran as a symmetric threat: certainly not.

As an illustration, I propose you to have a look on their latest so-called 'stealth UAV', named 'Hemaseh', described in most media with words directly copied-pasted from the Iranian press statement.
Let us analyze the official pictures of this unmanned aerial vehicle.

First of all, here is the official video:
In order to remain objective, I won't make any comment of the video, but just try an remain objective. Therefore, here is a short analysis of the pictures officially made public:

So, as some totalitarian regimes, Iran does not care about its credibility when broadcasting such pieces of information.  For two reasons: national press is under strict control and international press does not take the time to analyze and subsequently criticize.

However, this very new intoxication is a very positive sign. It means that the iranian administration has lost its common sense and is therefore condemned to remain isolated for the next yeats. Furthermore, it contributes to help us confirm that their propaganda does not improve, as their claim for the interception of US RQ-170, was a previous lie. Stuck in their logic, they will remain a very reliable enemy, as they are predictable, and are not able of any military action beyond support to international terrorism and some limited actions.

May be should we consider differently their claims about their nuclear capabilities, shouldn't we?

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